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Despite the commercial thing about Halloween and now the Day of the Dead–Dia de Los Muertos–have you noticed all cultures have a ritual to worship the death?


All these celebrations were usually before, during, or after the harvesting season. When the cycle of the old closes and gets ready to receive the new.

There’s a lot of history, myths, and legend from many ancient cultures all over the world. But today, let’s talk about what we have.

In these days, we have diversity, so the legends and traditions mix, and we can share our culture with others.

As per Halloween and the Day of the Dead, we can talk about three days to remember and honor our ancestors. We don’t need to be sad but happy because we have this chance.

We can go trick and trick on Halloween night, and then, we can set an altar for November the 1st, Day of the Innocents or Day of Little Angels, and November the 2nd, the Day of the Dead. Either way, they are days to cook all the special foods for the family.

What really matters is that these days, whether we decide to celebrate Halloween, the Day of the Dead, or both, they are to remember those we loved and send them blessings. These are also days to be with our family and show them how much we care.

So, whatever you do, do it with love and happiness, share it with your family and friends. Perhaps it’s true, and the division between the world of the living and the world of the dead becomes thin these days. If this is it, let’s show our ancestors that we honor and love them; we celebrate their life and ours in harmony.

Be proud, be happy, be blessed.


Hi! Goo here!

I brought Spookitty Flea, Skinny Legs, Jack O’Lantern, and Catrina, too.

This year we decided to celebrate both Halloween and the Day of the Dead; we have the lovely pumpkins, the light spider, of course, our friend Jack. We also set an altar with lots of marigolds, pictures, and food.


Now that we are all together, we want to wish you a
We all wish you a Happy Halloween and Happy Day of the Dead!



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Many years ago, like 2,000 years ago; Celts used to celebrate Samhain. To them, Samhain was New Year, as well as the ending of the old, and harvest season.

This day was both magical, and also the most frightening time of the whole year.

At Samhain's Eve on the last day of October, time lost all meaning and the past, present, and future became one. The line dividing the world of the living, and the world of the dead were so thin; that the dead people were able to walk into the world of the living. It was a night of ghosts, demons, and witches.

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