Traditions of the World

Welcome to a Blog of Fabulous Stories!

Welcome to our Blog, come to learn about history, myths, and legends. Some of them are old, some are new. Learn about the Traditions of the World.

Traditions usually come from very old myths and legends. They tell a lot about our origins and define our culture. These differences make us unique and rich. Traditions help us to understand others better.

Come join us in this journey full of stories, myths and legends, we will see magic, fairies, some monsters too. All of them are part of the Traditions of the World.

We are so rich! We live in a world full of Myths and Legends. Our history defines our culture and beliefs.

Most Traditions come together with rituals, many of them are so fun, like Christmas, Halloween, or Easter.

Come play with us!

I am so looking forward to tell you more stories about fabulous Traditions of the World.



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