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The Traditions you can find in our world are the same infinite as the colors you can create. This is only the beginning of our journey. Now that you are here let’s start this incredible adventure. We are about to see the magic of the people around us. Our family, friends, classmates, neighbors. Even the new kid you saw today at the park.

Hi, I am Martin!

I am Your Traditions Host

Have you seen how awesome Traditions are?
People all over the world have so many different traditions and cultures. We are all different, and that makes us rich.

When we learn about each others’ traditions; we can understand them better. This is the shortest way to have friends that appreciate and respect us as much as we do.

Never bother kids because they are different, instead, talk to them and share, I am sure you will feel a joyful heart!

our March Tradition

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day

What do you know about St. Patrick’s Day? Here a bit about it.

St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday that honors Saint Patrick and celebrates all Irish things. Every year on March 17th, kids dress up in green, look for shamrocks, and put traps to try to catch the elusive St. Paddy’s Day leprechaun.

Who is the Leprechaun?

The St. Patrick’s Day leprechauns are Irish fairies. Most fairies are pretty, but not the leprechauns! They look like two feet tall old men. They have pointy ears and are dressed in green head-to-toe. Leprechauns carry a big stick called a shillelagh, which they use to scare anyone who tries to steal their gold. They prefer to be alone and spend their time either making shoes or searching for more gold.

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A Word

From Our Manager

Some of my happiest memories come from the Traditions.

I remember this family Tradition; every Sunday we all would go to a picnic with my grandfather. Sundays were Fundays.

As I grew up, I became more curious about people’s culture. I realized that the more I learned about people, the more my appreciation and respect would grow. I made friends from many countries.

Learning about others is the seed to kindness, tolerance, appreciation, and friendship. Our differences make us rich..

– Monica Paul

Traditions Calendar 2019




Easter means “Resurrection” to Christians. The Easter Bunny welcomes Spring and the eggs mean the new life that flourishes.



St. Patrick’s Day

Irish. We celebrate Saint Patrick and all that is green and comes from Ireland. Children put traps to catch Leprechauns.



Clean Monday

Greek. It is the beginning of Lent. Religiously it marks a time for self analisys. Normally, people have picnics, listens to music and fly kites.



Pancake Tuesday or Fat Tuesday

It’s a movable tradition. This day is when we enjoy all the foods not allowed during Lent like pancakes and doughnuts. There are games and races.



Mardi Gras

Louisiana and other Southern states. It’s a carnival where people can have lots of fun before Lent. Everyone wear costumes and masks, it’s fun!



Rio de Janeiro Carnival

Very famous Carnival that merges the European and African traditions. Samba schools are traditional. People wear exotic costumes.


A blog of traditions

Facts and Stories

Spring Legends – Persephone

Let’s have fun with the spring myths and legends! Demeter, the goddess of nature, had a beautiful baby girl she called Persephone; she grew up to become a gorgeous young lady always very kind and close to her mother. Image by Jynette Tigner.

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10 Spring Traditions of the World

Historically, cultures have celebrated the end of the winter and welcome the spring with all sorts of festivals and activities. Some of them are relatively new, some others are thousands of years old.
Let’s go around the world to learn about some of them:

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Spring Equinox

In the ancient cultures people used to receive spring with numerous rituals, some of them turned into traditions. Spring is the season when mother nature shows her generosity and her power to create, heal, and reproduce.

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