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What is Traditions of the World?

We all love traditions.

Did you know there are thousands of traditions yet to be discovered? This is because we are all different; there are so many cultures and beliefs.

We have a long history of culture, wisdom, and beliefs. There are countless myths, legends, and traditions. 

The traditions shape our civilization, make us different, and unite us at the same time. Many come from our history, myths, and legends. Others are new and illuminate some of our most cherished values and activities.

Nurture Positive Curiosity

Learn about your classmates, neighbors, family, and friends. Why do they like and do this or that?

Be Inclusive and Diverse

Learn about others’ cultures, celebrations, and traditions. Get closer to people, always happily and with an open mind.

Read and Share Fun Activities

Learn about traditions and share fun activities, create decorations and gifts for the people you love.

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Hi! I’m Doty

I am the Traditions of the World’s storyteller. I will tell you about old and new traditions, myths, legends, sports, and tales.

Traditions nurture our family, our society, our world.

One day, humanity may colonize another planet.

What will these travelers take with them? What is and will be their real asset?

Their culture and their traditions!

Culture and traditions are imprinted in the human DNA.

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What Parents Are Saying


The sources for each story are accurate and reliable; this is a guarantee.

Doty is great; my children already love her.

It is a great tool to help kids learn about others and practice handwriting.

My girls won’t miss Doty; they love all the books, and the stories are perfectly supported.