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Earth Day

How can we celebrate Earth Day? From simple things like using a recycled paper bag instead of a plastic one, to making your business sustainable. We can make it a #TraditionsOfTheWorld

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Goddess Ostara and the Easter Bunny

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful goddess named Ostara, she was the goddess of the dawn and the spring. Ostara would come to the earth every year to bring the spring and help the world rebirth after the cold Winter.

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The Holy Week – Jesus Passion

The Holy Week is a Christian tradition, and in some countries like Spain, UK, and Mexico amongst many others, people create impressive performances that are considered a Cultural Treasure.

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World Art Day 2019

World Art Day in the international celebration dedicated t the fine arts. It was declared back in 2012 by International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), a partner of UNESCO.

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Baisakhi Festival

Baisakhi is one of the major festivals of Sikhs and is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and gaiety in the state of Punjab and all throughout the world where there is a significant Sikh population.

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Palm Sunday

Hi Friends, today I want to tell you a little bit about it. Palm Sunday is a Christian Tradition. It is a movable day, always the Sunday previous to Easter.

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World Health Day

Health is our number one gift; we must appreciate it and take care of ourselves thoughtfully.
How can you celebrate the “World Health Day” in your community?

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Very long ago, in the fourth century BCE, Judah was destroyed, and all Jewish were taken captive to Babylon, a city controlled by the Persians. Jewish set themselves free with Esther’s help. This is Purim, a Jewish holiday that celebrates the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia.

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Spring Legends – Persephone

Let’s have fun with the spring myths and legends! Demeter, the goddess of nature, had a beautiful baby girl she called Persephone; she grew up to become a gorgeous young lady always very kind and close to her mother. Image by Jynette Tigner.

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10 Spring Traditions of the World

Historically, cultures have celebrated the end of the winter and welcome the spring with all sorts of festivals and activities. Some of them are relatively new, some others are thousands of years old.
Let’s go around the world to learn about some of them:

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Spring Equinox

In the ancient cultures people used to receive spring with numerous rituals, some of them turned into traditions. Spring is the season when mother nature shows her generosity and her power to create, heal, and reproduce.

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The 10 Best Leprechaun Traps

St. Patrick’s Day is one of the most amusing traditions. Funny Leprechaun pranks are one of the best things about St. Patrick’s Day!
I’ve got you the best 10 Leprechaun Traps. And, don’t forget to grab your gift on our website.

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Ayurveda, Wellbeing 4 Life

Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for about 5,000 years. The word Ayurveda comes from the Sanskrit, its meaning is Ayur (life) Veda (knowledge).

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Venice Carnival

Carnivals are annual festivals. Today I want to extend about the Venice Carnival. This fascinating city held the very first carnival in the 11th century.

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