World Art Day in the international celebration dedicated to the fine arts. It was declared back in 2012 by International Association of Art (IAA/AIAP), a partner of UNESCO.

The date was chosen in honor to Leonardo da Vinci’s birthdate, as a symbol of art expression, freedom, and peace. Also because Da Vinci’s heritage impacts several areas of the fine arts.

In the United States, World Art Day is officially held in the city of Los Angeles; this is also the official US-base of the chapter of the IAA. This association is looking after spreading and facilitating the World Art Celebration nationwide.

Current president of the World President of the IAA/AIAP, Bedri Baykam, is deeply engaged to promote international collaboration with art.

This 2019 IAA USA will host a diversity of projects like galley exhibitions, artists talks, pop-ups, and performances in schools, institutions, private and public places.

In Magic Masterminds and Traditions of the World we will keep track of the activities, and will be posting about them. However, if you are interested we recommend you visit their website and register for their updates.

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