We’re glad you decided to join our Traditions or the World community. We welcome you and honor your presence.

Indeed, you want to know who we are and why we started Traditions of the World. I’ll tell you. We are a group of people saddened by things like bullying and rejection between people for any reason.

We have realized that much of this apparent rejection comes from the fear of what we do not know. Why does such a person do this or that? Why do you have that belief? Why do you celebrate this or that date? Surely, they will ask the same. And so with all cultures… It’s normal.

When we know the beliefs and traditions of other cultures, we answer these questions: The fear of the unknown disappears, and then a world of opportunities opens up to be better individuals. In the end, we are all people.

At Traditions of the World, we believe that traditions are a fundamental part of our culture as human beings; they are part of our essence.

Children are naturally curious, like stories, and really enjoy traditions. That’s why we focus on telling them in a fun way.

Traditions of the World books are designed to help children and their parents learn about the origins of traditions and integrate them into their lives within their communities with their families, friends, and neighbors.

At Traditions of the World, we are convinced that people and all other living beings on our planet deserve respect and have the right to be understood.

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